Top 10 Funniest Things an Employee Can Do In His Office

It happens; we all get bored while at work. We all sit and try to figure out what we can do to make working a little bit more fun every once in a while, and it does not hurt to be funny every so often. I mean having a good time at work makes the time go by faster right? At least that is what our motto is in the office. We still get our work done, but we also try to have fun while doing it.

So, what are some of the top funniest things you can do to get rid of the boredom you have inside of you? Well, if you have not yet been to the bathroom you probably should because some of these things will have you laughing so hard you just might pee yourself. So, here it goes the top 10 funniest things you can do inside your office.

Grow a Grass Keyboard
Okay, okay I know what you are thinking, who in the world would do that? Just think about it for a moment would it not allow for some pretty hysterical conversations throughout the office. I mean really how much greener can you get than to grow a grass keyboard?

Here is how you do it. First, you take the keyboard apart, pretty simple I mean really I have pulled the keys off of keyboards multiple times. Next, you lay down the soil and the grass seed. After this, you put all the keys back onto the keyboard. Finally, you watch your grass grow through the keyboard. I mean seriously genius. Just do not forget to water it!


Tired of Lights Being Left On?
If you are tired of your lights being left on, this one is for you. These days everybody is about conserving energy and lights need to be turned off and so on and so on. They are correct; we do need to start saving energy but so many times we forget. I mean we are human that is kind of what we tend to do remember the unimportant stuff to us. Well, just think what you would do if you saw this guy on the light switch with the message it has? “How would you feel if someone turned you on and just left?” I mean how much more creative can you get.


Be a Kid Again
Okay, so how many times have you heard I wish I were a kid again? Well, I have heard it way too many times, to be honest. I mean I am having the time of my life, but I understand not everybody is. So, what can you do to portray you are a big kid at heart? Well, you can Spurs’ up your office space by making it a ball pit. I mean how cool would that be to go to work every day and work in a ball pit? Kid’s dream comes true!


Get Creative
Whether you use leftover office boxes or you use office supplies, there is always something fun to create. I mean after all you are at work but what’s the harm in a little fun? Turn your cubicle into your own space by using cardboard boxes or use office supplies to create new characters that actually represent what you are doing at that present time.


We all do it while we are working; we dream or at least think about other things. However, how fun would it be to dream about working at a job that was an interesting job. You know the type of job that is not necessarily a Monday-Friday 9-5 job? I mean like you dream of something adventurous like dangling from a rope and feeding alligators while others watched you be crazy out of your mind.


No Running
Summertime is the best time to be outdoors. People are hiking, fishing, kayaking, having cookouts, and so on and so on. One of the best parts of summer is swimming and who would not love to be in a swimming pool on a hot summer day? So, when summer comes around buy an inflatable pool, blow it up, fill it with water, and on your lunch break put on your bathing suit and sit in the pool. When someone comes rushing past it yell no running by the pool.


Turn the Radio Up
Okay, it is no secret that most people like to listen to music. In fact, it has been noted that the more people listen to music at work the more work gets done. Here’s one you can do in your office, though, turn up the radio and just start singing at the top of your lungs. As others come in asking what is going on, invite them to start singing with you. I mean how many strange looks would you get for doing that?


Computers and Calculators
As people walk past your office space or into your office space, proudly show them your calculator. When they look at you strangely make them wonder even more by saying my computer had a baby and hand them a cigar. Who doesn’t like a good cigar?


Black Out
Create a document that is all black. Make hundreds of copies of it and when it is all done use it as wallpaper to decorate your office. I mean seriously what would people say when they walked into a room decorated with black documented paperwork? What could they say? They would be in such shock they would not have any words.


Board Games
When all else fails and you are in desperate need of some inspiration and to release some of the boredom stored inside of you, turn your office into a board game. That is right people! I mean wow, just wow. What an idea right? How cool would it be to have your office be turned into a game like Monopoly? I mean how many other people would look at you like you are crazy?


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