Hunky Fireman Cracks Up When Grandma Reveals A Detail About Her Wedding Night

Shawn Wiebe might be famous on the internet, but he never let that fame get to his head as he remains humble and continues on with his important job.

Back when Alberta, Canada, was suffering from dangerous flooding, Wiebedid everything within his power to save as many lives as possible. People were stuck in their homes as the cold water continued to rise, they were stuck in their cars, and the situation quickly got a lot worse than anyone initially expected.

But when he came across an older woman in need of help, instead of leading her through the water, Wieberealized it would be a lot more efficient just to pick up the stranded grandmother and carry her to higher ground.

The woman seemed tentative at first, worried that he wasn’t strong enough, but if you take a look at Wiebe,something tells us that he’ll probably be able to carry a small woman a hundred feet to safety!

While Wiebewas carrying her to safety, she suddenly let out a laugh along with the hilarious sentence, “Oh!I havent been carried like this since my weddingnight!”

Wiebesuddenly burst into laughter. After such a tough day, it must have been incredibly nice just to laugh for a moment. And thankfully, it was right then and there that Calgary Sun photographer Lyle Aspinallsnapped a photo that went viral nearly instantly!

Since his fame, this firefighter has stayed on the job and continues to work hard. But much to the heartbreak of many, this man is happily married with children!

No wonder this photo went viral. Look at that smile!

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