This Three-Day-Old Baby Was Found Being “Eaten Alive” By Ants After Being Dumped In The Woods

We have serious problem on abandoned and unwanted children all over the world. Every nation has its own laws against deserting their child but it seems like those people who abandoned these poor angels are not afraid of these laws.

Seeing abandoned babies is truly heartbreaking but what hurts me the most is…these babies were left anywhere, as if they are just a pile of trash, like what happened to a newborn baby girl in Russia.

A man was on his way to work and took a short cut when he suddenly discovered a crying baby in the woodland of Chelyabinsk Russia.

eaten baby

To his shock, the three-day-old baby girl was covered and badly bitten by ants with her umbilical cord still attached.

baby with poor condition

‘The person that found the baby girl heard her crying and on investigating discovered the child lying on a pile of leaves and covered in ants.

“It was clear that the child had been abandoned and there was no one else in sight, so they picked her up and called for an ambulance,’ police spokesman said.

She was then immediately brought to the hospital in Chelyabinsk and treated her severe ant bites.

dumped baby rescued

Police believe that the baby was unlikely to have survived much longer if she had not been found by the concerned stranger.

baby rescued

Gladly, the little angel is now in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery. Authorities are now investigating the incident and trying to track down the baby’s irresponsible parents.

(Via Daily Mail, ViralViewers)


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