Bus With 27 Kids Flips Into An Alligator Pond – That’s When One Young Boy Springs Into Action

A very surprising hero emerged recently when 10-year-old Nicholas Sierra sprung to action. The crossing guard proved that safety really is his number one priority, rescuing 26 children (ages six to 10) from a very dangerous situation.

It all happened in Odessa, Florida, when a large yellow school bus rolled over, falling into a pond full of 12-foot alligators. According to the Tampa Bay Times, Nicholas was one of the 27 kids on board the 21-year-old school bus when it veered off the road and crashed into a pond.

bus with children

Keeping ever so calm, and putting on a brave face, Nicholas immediately sprung into action.

“Kids were crying and screaming so I grabbed a kindergartner’s arms and put them around my neck and brought her to land,” the fifth grade student recounted the scary incident to local reporters “And then I went back into the bus and grabbed two other kindergartners and also brought them to land.”

It’s not yet clear why the bus wound up on its side and in a pond full of gators, but Nicholas told WTVT-TV that ““The bus was out of control and I looked at the brakes, and when he kept on stepping on them, they wouldn’t work.”

bus accident

Understandably, parents were in a panic when hearing the news, running to the scene to try and help. Nicholas and three additional sheriff’s deputies jumped in to help, and together all 28 people on board the bus made it out alive. Only one sustained minor injuries.

“He has a good heart and always wants to help people around him,” Deborah Sierra, the boy’s mother, told the Times, “I think we’re going to give him a homework pass for the night.”

child in bus

Thanks to this brave boy and the help of those deputies, all the children unfortunate enough to have been through this scary incident are home safe in their beds tonight. Please SHARE the story of this young hero with your friends and family.


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