10 Day Old Newborn Baby Dies After Being Bitten By Rats In Indian Hospital

Rodent is one of the most annoying problems you could have at home. They don’t simply defile your foods, they destroy all kinds of stuffs specially the important ones.

While some of these pest are unavoidable, to have them in a healing facility is a different story. Clinics ought to have higher guidelines of sanitation. These vermin was somewhat neglected and often not worth wasting time on. But one youngster passed on India on account of this grisly vermin.

baby bitten by rat

A newborn baby aged just ten days old died after being bitten by the rats in the intensive care unit of the Guntur General Hospital in Andhra Pradesh, South East India.

The child’s devastated mother revealed how she warned hospital staff about the pest but her complaint was neglected.

mom in hospital

Grief stricken mother, Lakshmi Chavali cautioned staff to the chomps, with her child was neglected to be nursed with his wound on his eye. She said that their child did not had surgery but yet they saw wounds on his right hand.

The rats had chewed the child’s fingers off. She clarified that their child was not killed by the rats but rather by the specialist and staff at GGH. They noticed the threat a week earlier, however the staff was not taking actions as they didn’t consider it important.

rat in hospital

The child’s father, Chavali Nagaraju Babu. stated that his child died because of the rodent inflicted wounds.
He was allegedly told by a hospital staff that there’s no need to worry as he has another son.

Priest for Health, Kamineni Srinivas said the administration has ended the agreement with the sanitation foreman and requested an investigation into the incident, requesting reports from the police within a week..

father of baby

Mr. Srinivas included that he would not tolerate any carelessness. Three medical staffs have been suspended over the occurrence.
The superintendent of Guntur Hospital, Dr. Venuopala Rao, confirmed that the left over foods on the premises was the reason for the rat infestation and they had entered the hospital through air conditioning ducts.

He added that it was an unfortunate incident and that action would be taken on the staff including one doctor duty at that time.


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