What He Did With A Vacant Room In His House Is Awe-Inspiring…Wow

Raise your hand if you like to waste space in your home…no one? Weird.

Basements, less-desirable rooms, and trouble spots tend to become neglected – serving solely as storage for many homeowners. And that’s great, if you’re storing something cool, but if not, you’re throwing away valuable square footage! If you’ve got some extra space in your house, why not do something epic with it?

Need a little inspiration? Check out what this guy did with his otherwise unused room.

This is how the room looked before he remodeled it. Not exactly appealing.

These were the humble beginnings of an epic home bar. He began by building a basic frame…

Once the frame was in place, he started on the wooden countertops.

Adding molding along the way.

Once he had the basic shape of the bar built…he took the whole thing apart!

The floors needed to be redone. He decided on a classic, polished look.

And back to the bar. Wood panels were added to the facade of the bar and stained the same color as the flooring.

What bar is complete without a beer tap?

One of the final touches was to add a glass case holding naval patches he had accumulated over the course of his military career.

And here’s the finished product!

That is one classy home bar.

(source Reddit)

This guy used his extra space the right way. Even if it isn’t a home bar, use the extra space in your home for something special — it helps make all the hard work well worth it.


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