A Loving Rescued Canine Amazingly Saved His Family’s New Baby From Certain Doom

When the Brousseau family adopted Duke nearly six years ago from a shelter, they knew he was a special dog. However, they had no idea just how special he would turn out to be.

One Sunday evening, when the family had turned in for the night, Duke jumped on their bed and began shaking uncontrollably. This was something Jenna and her husband had never seen Duke do before. Duke’s actions got the couple worried since they knew something wasn’t right. They decided to check on their 9-week-old daughter Harper, and were horrified to find out that the baby girl wasn’t breathing.

Jenna’s husband immediately called an ambulance, and baby Harper was revived by the paramedics before being taken to the hospital. If it weren’t for heroic little Duke, this story would have a different ending.

(via Mr. Viral News)

Dogs unconditionally love their humans, and it’s this reason why they are so special. It’s like they have a sixth sense to danger and want to alert anyone and everyone around them. Way to go, Duke!


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