3 Common Dreams… And What They Actually Mean

Dreams are the coolest – when you’re in a good one, you can have experiences you’d never have in your waking life and it feels totally real. And when you’re in a bad one, it can be the scariest sh*t ever. Sleeping is already the best, so add in some weird REM insanity and you have a recipe for my absolute favorite hobby. Dream interpretation is controversial, so always take it with a grain of salt. That said, here are three of the most common dreams and what they might mean.

1) Falling

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If you’re falling in your dream, you may be feeling a loss of control in your waking life. Falling represents insecurity, instability, and lack of confidence. Look at your real life in order to understand your dream. Are you feeling out of control? Maybe you have more schoolwork than you can keep up with. Maybe you have a relationship that hasn’t DTRed yet. Maybe you’ve been making reckless decisions like shaving your head, skipping school, or listening to Justin Bieber.

If your parents are worried about money or you’re worried you won’t get into college, that lack of security and stability might be working its way into your dream life. Figure out where that insecurity or loss of control is in your life and you will better understand your dream.

2) Being chased

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Whether you’re running from a human being, an animal, or a smoke monster, being chased is one of the most common dreams. I frequently have dreams that I am being pursued by an evil faction of the government, such as the FBI, and I always get away because I am fantastic at running, swimming, and outwitting my opponents. Sometimes I forget it’s a dream because it’s so eerily similar to my waking life.

But enough about me! If you’re being chased in your dreams, there’s probably an issue or fear that is “chasing” you in real life and you’re avoiding dealing with it. Instead of tackling it head-on, you’re running away from it, and it’s catching up with you in your sleep.

The person/animal/smoke monster pursuing you in your dream can also be an aspect of yourself that you’re trying to run away from. Maybe you’ve always been a ballet dancer, but now your heart is pulling you towards hip hop, Step Up-style. You’re trying to deny your feelings for hip hop dance and keep going with ballet but then at night you’re having dreams about being chased — you’re really just running away from yourself! My point is that you’re Jenna Dewan and you need to start dancing hip hop and meet your Channing Tatum! See what dream interpretation can do for you?

3) Flying

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Flying dreams are the BEST. The only bad thing about flying dreams is waking up and realizing you’re just as Earthbound as ever. Snooze. Flying represents a new perspective — while it’s literal in your dream, in your waking life you might have an issue that you need to look at from a new angle, or that you should try to see more objectively.

Flying also represents freedom, hope, and possibility. If you can fly, you can do anything! On a more negative note, flying can represent escape. Imagine you’re having a chase dream that turns into a flying dream — you’re still running away from something in your life.

In order to interpret your flying dream, look at how you feel in the dream. Were you scared, or were you peaceful? Was it exciting and fun, or were you having a hard time? If you felt scared, there might be an obstacle or challenge in your life that you’re afraid to tackle. If you were having a calm, peaceful flight, that could represent feeling more spiritually in-tune in your waking life. You’re literally rising up toward the heavens! If you’re just flying around and having a dandy time, there might not be much of a deeper meaning at all. You just thought it would be fun to fly around in your dream, and you made it happen. No deeper meaning needed. You’re a chill dude, and I hope you had a killer time.


What’s your most common recurring dream? Let me know and we can analyze your dream next! Do you believe in dream interpretation? I think it can be helpful, especially when our dreams serve as a key to unlock our subconscious concerns. I think it’s also a good lesson to remember that you can only run from a problem for so long — eventually it’s going to show up in your dreams. Let me know what you think about these dream interpretations @erikaheidewald or leave a comment!


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