By Collecting A Few Cheap Crates, You Can Build 16 Seriously Cool Things

Statement furniture pieces can go a long way in mixing up a space in your home, but it’s no secret that home decor can get pretty pricey.

Wooden crates are a cheap, and sometimes even free, craft supply that you can get from an art, grocery, or hardware store. Since they’re made from unfinished wood, they are easy to paint or attach together. If you’re looking for an easy way to make your home a little more unique, check out these 16 ways to upcycle crates below.

1. Give crates a fresh coat of paint and attach wheels for moveable toy storage.

2. Make a colorful bench.

This project only takes 2-3 hours and doubles as storage.

3. Put this simple, rolling shoe bench in your entryway.

If you’ve got a staple gun, this project requires no sewing!

4. This whole bedroom is made from crates, from the bookshelves to the bed frame.

5. Stack crates and pallets to make a unique planter.

6. Spice up your living room with a fun ottoman.

7. These crates make adorable floating shelves.

The blue paint and Con-Tact paper backings really make these pop.

8. Standing crate lights are easy to make.

Just put a crate over a lamp and you’re good to go.

9. If you have access to giant crates, you can make a kitchen table.

If you happen to have access to a shipyard…or something.

10. If you’re really crafty, whip up these hanging crate lights.

These would look nice whether they’re indoors or outside.

11. Chop up a few crates to make this chair.

You’ll probably want to put a gloss on it after assembly to avoid butt splinters.

12. Nail together 4 crates to make a cool coffee table.

The wheels are optional.

13. Display your shoes in a stacked crate shelving unit.

I love it when organization looks crafty, too.

14. Make a cute alternative to a classic china cabinet.

15. Love to read? Stacked, painted crates make cute library-like shelves.

This is so much more original than IKEA, and probably cheaper, too.

16. This tiered shelf will add dimension to any space.

I’m going to stop by my local grocery store ASAP and ask if I can have some of their old produce crates. I’ve been looking for a way to creatively store my books that doesn’t involve purchasing anything new. Which one of these projects spoke to your creative side?

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