10 Year Old Girls Heart Wrenching Letter To Deceased Father Returned By Strangers

While walking through the parking lot of the Prince Of Wales pub in east Somerset, England, a patron stumbled upon a child’s heart breaking letter to her deceased father.

The letter, written by a little girl named Summer, expresses the child’s thoughts of her fathers death 5 years after it happened and how much she still loves and misses him.pub patron finds girls hear warming letter to deceased father

In hopes of finding the letters owner, the pub patron turned the letter in to owner Nicki Holroyd.

Holroyd then took to Facebook in an attempt to track down the letter’s rightful owner.

She wrote,

It is the most heart-wrenching letter from a young girl who has written the most lovely letter to her dad who has died and is in heaven. Please help to try and trace her, we can never throw it away.

Happily for Summer, her family saw the photo posted to Facebook and the letter is now back in the hands of one joyful little girl!

girl reunited with lost letter to deceased father

h/t: DailyMail

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